Will Rosenwinkel


William Rosenwinkel has been improvising since 2016 and has fallen for the improv bug hard. He currently plays on SCOREFACE, and previously appeared on Barely Adulting, Name That Tune, and What’s The Matter With Henry. He has coached Dang off and on and taught improv classes in Lancaster, PA. He loves learning improv from anyone, anywhere, anytime. He looks forward to achieving his dual goals of learning and performing improv in every state in the US, plus as many countries as possible. Additional info: Pizza and burritos are an excessive amount of his diet. He loves and blames his improv career on the podcast Spontaneanation with Paul F Tompkins. He once asked Kermit the Frog a question about office politics, has personally been serenaded by Oscar the Grouch, loves Doctor Who & Bojack Horseman, learning random facts, and Microsoft Excel is his jam.


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