Tyler Yenna


Tyler Yenna has been obsessed with comedy since he was a child. Growing up in rural Indiana, he often created video mixtapes of his favorite comedy sketches from SNL, Upright Citizens Brigade, Kids in the Hall, and others to share at school.
After moving to the east coast, he started watching and studying improv. When he first found out about the Harrisburg Improv Theatre, he hesitated to take a class due to his stage fright. He learned to be less afraid. He tries to apply the lessons of improv to other areas in his life, most notably while working with elders with dementia. 

Tyler has been on 7 teams at the theater, and currently performs with Images, BEEF, and This Show Will Self-Destruct. He has completed each level of the HIT curriculum at least twice, and has taken a number of workshops, including “Dig Deeper.”


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