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The Harrisburg Improv Theater is dedicated to designing workshops to specifically aide your business philosophy.

Through the tenants of improv, we promote effective use of team building, listening and improved communication in an entertaining, fun and exciting environment. We help teams see value in every contribution, which results in more idea generation and problem solving— all while developing a healthy and fun work culture!


Contact Seth Hirschman, Director of Corporate Education


Seth Hirschman has been studying improv since 2005 under the likes of such brilliant minds as Bobby Moynihan, Zach Woods, Jason Mantzoukas, Chris Gethard and Armando Diaz. Seth has spent a large portion of his adult life inside various improv classes, completing level five at the UCB New York and graduating from the Improv Conservatory at the Magnet Theater in New York City.

In addition to being a long-time improviser, Seth has worked in the corporate environment for over twenty years as an Office Manager and Senior Administrative Assistant in the employ of major corporations, and has interacted directly with many types of business professionals including high profile clients and partners.

Seth's unique perspective on both the comedy and business worlds have given him the insight to create lectures and exercises that illustrate the tenants of improv and adapt them to the working environment.

For rates and to tailor workshops specifically for your business' needs,

you can speak with Seth directly at shirschman@hbgimprov.com

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