Workshop: Improv for Audio with Tyler Chick

Workshop: Improv for Audio with Tyler Chick


Date: Saturday, October 26, 2-5pm

Prerequisite: Intro to Improv

WORKSHOP: Improv for Audio

Improv: It's not just one skill, but an entire set of skills!

Many of us have already heard improv in an audio format due to the rise of the comedy podcast. Listening to these folks creating scenes without any visuals, you may be wondering:

How are these scenes so effective without so many skills I've been practicing, like object work, stage picture, and traditional editing?

What are the benefits and challenges of doing improv without visuals?

How do I get started learning these concepts?

All of these questions will be answered in a newly revamped workshop this October!

Plus: Graduates of the workshop (after being trained in the Harold through our Game of the Scene curriculum track) will be eligible to perform in The Bat, a monthly show at the HIT. The Bat takes place entirely in the dark, giving you the perfect opportunity to put these ideas into practice!

You'll also be equipped to get started planning your own improv-based podcast!

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Tyler is a performer residing in Harrisburg. In addition to recording and gigging with local bands, Tyler has been studying and performing improv since 2013.

He is the HIT's senior house team performer, having been a member of "OK Jones," "Spacework," "YETI," "SLAM," "Hawkward," and most recently "Meow Meow Precious." Tyler's past and current shows include "Del and Bel," "Power Trio," "Birb on a Wire," and ensembles like "The Bat," "Introduce a Self," "Tiny Town," "Four's Company 2: In Addition Too," "Bemafo," and "Tristitia."

Tyler's love for music and improv has been featured in combo live musical artist/improv show "One Accord" and the improvised musical teams "Monotone," "Tony Stanza," and "Barbra." He created musical duo shows "An Evening with O'Malley, Martin, and Gates" with pianist Stuart Ryerse, and "Acoustic Tour," with Timmy Morgan. He also recently co-taught the Musical Improv Level 2 class with Timmy at the HIT.

Tyler has recently been exploring the world of scripted theater, including roles in "The Motherfucker With the Hat," Andrew Lippa's "The Wild Party," and "Love, Sex, and the IRS." He was recently cast as Tom in The Glass Menagerie at the Hershey Area Playhouse, and will portray the March Hare/Michael Musto in the immersive production "Alice in Clubland" in October. His go-to beer is Tröeg's Perpetual.