One Day Workshop: Finding the Love

One Day Workshop: Finding the Love


Date: Saturday, December 7, 1-4pm

Prerequisite: One season on a HIT house team or an equivalent level of experience

WORKSHOP: Finding the Love

Conflict is integral to fictional stories--man vs. nature (Captain Ahab and the whale), man vs. man (Neo and Agent Smith), man vs. self (Hamlet), etc. These basic tensions provide the backbone to some of the most memorable tales in the human storybook.

As improvisers, we are aware of the importance of conflict in storytelling, but sometimes we struggle with incorporating it in our improv scenes in meaningful and interesting ways. This workshop will help advanced performers understand the importance of love in conflict, how do discover it, and how to play it!

Prerequisite: One season on a HIT house team OR an equivalent level of experience. Please email if you have questions about eligibility.

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Jennie is the Director of Education at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre, where she is also a regular performer and teacher (Character Level 2 and dramatic improv). HIT teams include This Show Will Self-Destruct, Teacher Feature, and duo Mary Todd Lincoln: The Real Babe-raham Lincoln. She co-coaches Leg Of Lamp and coaches Sangy & Dock.

Jennie has been studying improv since 2003 and performing since 2010 where she became a core player for Gamut Theatre's TMI Improv. In 2011, she co-founded No Artificial Sweeteners, an all-female improv team that performs shows for charities. She has taught classes and workshops throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, including the Steel City Improv Theatre and the Baltimore Improv Group, and has led workshops for hundreds of students of various ages and backgrounds, from scouts to scientists. Jennie studied improv at Gamut Theatre and the HIT (both in Harrisburg), The People's Improv Theatre (PIT) in NYC, and Steel City Improv Theatre (SCIT) in Pittsburgh. She co-directed a devised theater production for teens at Open Stage of Harrisburg, The Kids You Read About in Textbooks. She is also a featured comedian for Down In Front at The Midtown Cinema, where she and her team make fun of bad movies into microphones.