Level 1: Introduction to Improv

Level 1: Introduction to Improv


Level 1: Introduction to Improv

Tuesdays, 7-10pm

January 7 - February 25, 2020

Introduction to improv class for adults. No experience necessary!

Instructor: Chris Packard

Graduation shows: Friday, Feb. 28 and Sunday, Mar. 1, 7pm

This 8-week class will teach students the basic principles of long-form improv comedy. Learn how to create scenes based on audience suggestions, how to develop characters, and how to say "yes, and" to your scene partners. No prior experience in improv or theatre is necessary or expected. Many of our level 1 students have never before been on a stage! Our level 1 class is designed to help people feel comfortable on stage, learn the basics, make some new friends, and have fun!

All classes at the HIT are nonrefundable. 

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A lifelong performer, Chris Packard was ecstatic to chance upon the HIT when he casually Googled “improv” in 2015. Since that fateful night, he has become a staple of the HIT stage. You can currently find him in teams such as Barbra, BEEF., Bandito, BeMaFo, and others. You'll want to search for him in other teams that start with B, but DO NOT BE FOOLED - those are the only four. Chris is also one of the teachers for the Intro to Improv class at the at the theater. He laughs at basically everything, so he is sure to find you funny! Chris once entered a Guitar Hero tournament and lost.