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Tall / Drive Thru Pals


These boys are all so tall, and they are gonna do improv and you’re going to say, “what? TALL AND IMPROV SKILLS?” and they’ll say, “yea, those are unrelated things!”



We like going to the drive-thru together. ‘Like' is a weak word for the passion we have for pulling up to the big illuminated menu board and looking at all those options together. We love to merrily shout our orders with a big, “Thank you for your service!” at the end. We go to the drive-thru so much we just put it all on one check and don’t worry about paying each other back, cause we know we’re gonna be going to the drive-thru again soon. "One big bag and one of those cool cup holder things, please!” we say. If someone gets the wrong food, it doesn’t matter: we love all of it! Job offers, engagements, child birth, writing this synopsis. These are things that have happened in our Honda Odyssey while we were getting food at the drive-thru. We haven’t had a home cooked meal in years even though we all have state-of-the-art kitchens that would make Gordon Ramsey cry. We love the drive-thru that much. Come see us do improv.

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Later Event: October 5
FREE MIXER (Preteen Girls)