Harrisburg Improv Theatre

Harrisburg's home for long-form improvisational comedy

We are a performing arts theater offering weekly long-form improvisational comedy shows. Based on a one-word suggestion from the audience, a hilarious and unrehearsed masterpiece will appear right before your eyes.

**WE ARE BYOB!!!** Bring your favorite beverage and enjoy some great comedy!

We offer improv classes for kids and adults.

The HIT is open Fridays 8-11pm and Saturdays 7-11pm. Shows are $5 per show or $10 for the entire night.

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Brainwave Aftershave / Mobius Strip Club

What happens when the world hears your darkest thoughts? When your subconscious takes the wheel? When the chatter in your brain becomes unbearable? And what do you do when all your layers of personality get stripped away? Brainwave Aftershave. With this trio, you get a front row seat in a cacophony of thoughts emanating from inside the minds of many characters; you become a mind reader. Watch and listen to information only you can perceive while the hilarity ensues.

The Möbius strip is a geometric feature with one surface and one edge twisted in three-dimensional space. A traveler moving along it would appear to be on two faces of the surface at different moments in their journey. In actuality, there is only a single infinitely looping path that never crosses a border between 'sides', since the border simply doesn't exist.

Möbius Strip Club takes this as a theoretical starting point for seamlessly blending thematic spaces and the diverse character perspectives therein. With no boundaries to cross, this duo foregrounds the fascinating and sometimes unsavory elements of life in a continuum of inescapable, ludicrous, and distorted realities.

$5 per show, or only $10 buys you an entire night of laughs. BYOB!

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Harold Hour: Spank'd / 7 Easy Steps
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