Harrisburg Improv Theatre

Harrisburg's home for long-form improvisational comedy

We are a performing arts theater offering weekly long-form improvisational comedy shows. Based on a one-word suggestion from the audience, a hilarious and unrehearsed masterpiece will appear right before your eyes.

**WE ARE BYOB!!!** Bring your favorite beverage and enjoy some great comedy!

We offer improv classes for kids and adults.

The HIT is open Fridays 8-11pm and Saturdays 7-11pm. Shows are $5 per show or $10 for the entire night.

Check our calendar for more info!

Sammi Melville

Performs with:

  • Harold Team: Pop Vultures
  • Phlegminism
  • Pillow Talk
  • Solo Sleepover

Sam discovered her love of improv in 2013 as an exciting way to tell stories -- a thing for which she has always been obsessed. She studied long-form improv at the HIT, and performed with the HIT's first house team, the HIT Squad. Sam works at the Midtown Cinema, and writes reviews for in-house purposes and for TheBurg magazine. She writes even more in her spare time (see: the obsession with storytelling), and has a love for nature and odd things. If Sam is ever not very funny during a show, she wants you to know that it is probably because she's switched places with her twin sister, who does not do improv. She apologizes for the inconvenience.