Harrisburg Improv Theatre

Harrisburg's home for long-form improvisational comedy

We are a performing arts theater offering weekly long-form improvisational comedy shows. Based on a one-word suggestion from the audience, a hilarious and unrehearsed masterpiece will appear right before your eyes.

**WE ARE BYOB!!!** Bring your favorite beverage and enjoy some great comedy!

We offer improv classes for kids and adults.

The HIT is open Fridays 8-11pm and Saturdays 7-11pm. Shows are $5 per show or $10 for the entire night.

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Workshop: Saturday, September 14, 1-4, Vocal Harmony with Sam Melville


Workshop: Saturday, September 14, 1-4, Vocal Harmony with Sam Melville


Date: Saturday, September 14, 1-4pm

Prerequisite: Musical Level 1

WORKSHOP: Vocal Harmony

Have you ever been in a musical improv performance and wanted to harmonize, but not really been sure where to start? Or have you ever thought, "harmony doesn't come naturally to me, so I'll never be able to do it"? Well, here's a perfect opportunity to push those thoughts from your mind and give it a try! The truth is, harmony is a learned skill - and not just from sheet music. This workshop will give you the building blocks to start experimenting with improvisational vocal harmony.

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About the Instructor: Sammi Leigh Melville

Sammi Leigh Melville has been performing long-form improv since 2013. She's been in a number of shows on the HIT stage - currently with Solo Sleepover, BeMaFo, and Bandjob, an improvised a capella musical show. Sam grew up in a musical family. In 1996, she thwarted her grandmother's attempts to teach her the piano, and in 2015, she regretted it, and now channels all her musical dreams into her voice, sort of. She has always been a bit obsessed with harmony, and wants you to be obsessed with it too. She also has two cats.