Harrisburg Improv Theatre

Harrisburg's home for long-form improvisational comedy

We are a performing arts theater offering weekly long-form improvisational comedy shows. Based on a one-word suggestion from the audience, a hilarious and unrehearsed masterpiece will appear right before your eyes.

**WE ARE BYOB!!!** Bring your favorite beverage and enjoy some great comedy!

We offer improv classes for kids and adults.

The HIT is open Fridays 8-11pm and Saturdays 7-11pm. Shows are $5 per show or $10 for the entire night.

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Sketch For Video: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7-10PM, July 3-19


Sketch For Video: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7-10PM, July 3-19


Prerequisite: Level 2 improv

Instructor: Jake Compton

Video Directors:

Daniel Finegold

Nate Smith

Harrison Merkt

Ryan Hatfield

Jerry Stevens

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 3-19 (Meeting dates: July 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, & 19)

VIDEO SHOOT: Weekend of July 28

The immediacy and one of a kind nature of improv is part of why we do it, however it also means that you don't have a body of work that you can show off. In this class we will teach you how to write, produce, and perform in a sketch video. Students will study example sketch videos learning specifics of what makes them work. Then they will write sketches as a group with Jake Compton instructing. Then for the final 2 weeks of class, students will work with trained and experience directors and learn about how to plan for the day of shooting, film language, story-boarding, timing, acting for film. This will culminate in a day of shooting which the directors will edit and it will be uploaded to the HIT's Youtube account, Hitflix. Sketches from the class will be shown at a special viewing at the HIT. This class will not cover how to use a camera or how to edit a film.

This class limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Improv level 2 is a required prerequisite.

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About the Instructors:

Jake Compton is the owner of the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Jake started improvising over 10 years ago taking classes at both the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Magnet Theatres in New York City. Jake's musical and prank comedy duo band Anticool terrorized Harrisburg for over 10 years with their live shows, albums, and webshow. Currently Jake is an instructor and performer at the HIT. He can be seen in the popular duo Missed Connections, as well as Hardly Working, Panzer Divsion, Love Triangle, and The Bat. Jake also helps create and shape many forms and themes used by both his teams and others.

Daniel Finegold is a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Digital Media Production. While earning his degree, Daniel worked as a writer, director, actor, camera person, and editor on numerous projects, both for class and for fun. He also has three years of improv experience with New Paltz's on-campus improv club. Daniel is participating in an internship with the Harrisburg Improv Theatre where he looks forward to combining his two greatest passions, filmmaking and comedy. 

daniel finegold.jpg

Nate Smith is a freelance videographer and artist living in Midtown Harrisburg. He has been a performer at the HIT for over three years and has directed a dozen sketch videos as part of the HITflix series. He takes joy in all aspects of video production, from writing to cinematography to editing. Nate is eager to share his knowledge with you!

Harrison Merkt studied Film and Television Production at USC School Of Cinematic Arts. He worked as an AD and Director in Los Angeles before moving to Harrisburg. He is now the Owner and Creative Director at Smoking Frame Media.

Ryan Hatfield is studying Telecommunications and English at Penn State University and has taken several video production courses. He's a part of many organizations in State College that focus on communications and comedy, including the improv troupe, Full Ammo Improv.

Jerry Stevens has a degree in film from Full Sail University. He has directed short films for various local projects including Vidjam and HitFlix. In 2015, he wrote and directed the short film Today is the Day, (submitted for Vidjam's 48 hour film contest), which won Judge's Choice, Best Story, and Best Actor (Cody Unger). In 2017, he directed and co-wrote the film "Oh Shit" which again won Judge's Choice in Vidjam's 48 hour film contest. Jerry is a regular improv performer at the HIT and can be seen on the teams Spacework, Ferd Majelly, Fours Company Two In Addition Too, and duo Ferret Prom which he performs with his girlfriend Jennie.